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(0 Reviews) July 03, 2024
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July 03, 2024
Hot Dark Matter
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Welcome to MATTER AR, your gateway to virtual layers that exist alongside the physical world. Matter AR connects people, real locations & virtual content in unimaginable new ways!
Play SINGLE PLAYER from your home, survive as long as you can, collect weapons and power-ups, eliminate enemies to get a higher score and move higher on the global leaderboard!

CREATE - Sandbox - Everything you need to start building new worlds. Use Matter’s free, easy to use Augmented Reality creative mode to make your unique virtual content… integrate it with the physical world and allow others to find the new realities you create.

DISCOVER - Use the map to discover active locations near you, these locations have been created to allow you to multiplayer LaserTag battle, or build together and discover persistent virtual content in Sandbox. Don’t worry if there’s not a location near you, as Matter AR multiplayer will be available anywhere in the near future.

PLAY - LaserTag (Beta). Battle against up to 3 other opponents in an epic battle royale multiplayer AR LaserTag game. Find a Battle Zone on the map, go to the location with your opponents, build your defences, then battle it out to be the last player standing.

Fire lasers and bombs at your opponents to deplete their health until they are eliminated. Hide behind virtual or real world objects to protect you, but watch out as virtual defences can be destroyed!

LaserTag uses cutting edge AR and AI technology to recognise and localise against the physical environment and track players movement, creating dynamic real time gameplay.

Battle results show wins, eliminations and points based on damage dealt. Your battle results contribute to your career points which are recorded locally on your device and shared with your opponents each time you battle!

SHARE - Capture and share photos of your Sandbox creations or LaserTag battles. Or Save and share your AR creations and LaserTag defences with a simple link.

Always remain aware of your surroundings when using Augmented Reality - Stay Safe!

Discord -
Socials - @Matter_AR

This is our first ‘Pioneer’ edition of Matter AR - Please share your feedback, requests and ideas with us on our Discord server.

Current Game Features:
- Free to play
- LaserTag (Beta) multiplayer
- LaserTag single player with global leaderboard (prototype)
- Sandbox single/multiplayer
- A wide variety of intuitive voxel/block based creative tools
- Capture images of your AR creations
- Map containing live geospatial AR Active Locations for LaserTag or Sandbox
- Regular challenges will be shared on Matter’s Discord, social channels and with push notifications
- Leave your AR creations or LaserTag battlegrounds in the real world at Active Locations for others to find and enjoy
- Augmented Reality functionality, requires camera permissions
- Map functionality, requires location permissions

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